Delphi components and utilities.

The utility DFM2PAS enables to create corresponding *.pas file for *.dfm file or both *.dfm and *.pas for form resource extracted from executable generated by any existing by now version of Delphi (1.0 .. 4.5) (Thanks to Borland this format had never been changed). Details.
Download the DFM2PAS utility with full source (69K).
Download the DFM2PAS utility without sources (61K).
Download the sources of DFM2PAS (12K).

See also:
1) The specification of DFM file format using the language FlexT.
2) The FlexT specification of DCU file format for 32-bit Delphi versions. This specification is incomplete. Please, let me know if You have more information about this format.
3) The DCU32INT utility for parsing the 32-bit DCU files.

The Window Contents Explorer utility (WInf.exe) describes the contents of any window as it represented by the Windows controls. For each control it reports:

#<DlgCtrlID>:"<WindowText>":< ClassName>, R:(<Left>, <Top>) [<Width>, <Height>],
   S:<Style>,ES:<Extended Style>

The values of Style and Extended Style can be decoded using the WS_* and WS_EX_* constants and, besides, the values of Style can also be decoded using the class-specific constants for the known classes (BS_* for buttons, ES_* for edits and so on).

In some cases (not under Windows NT and for "good" applications) it can also extract the control image both in BMP and WMF formats. Details.
Download the sources of WInf (22K).

Author: Alexei Evgenyevich Hmelnov