JPEG File Interchange Format(jpeg.rfi):
Class: Graphics and Sounds, Status: Headers only, Last change: 29.07.2009 21:36:22

set byteorder rev


UI8 num+(1)
UI16 num+(2)
fail void():assert[0]

0x0000 UI16 StartRec

assert StartRec=0xFFD8;

descr ('JPEG File Interchange Format',NL)
descr ('Info Source: CRYX''s note about the JPEG decoding algorithm.',NL)
descr ('             Copyright 1999 Cristi Cuturicu.',NL)


TSegTag enum byte (
 //Start Of Frame markers, non-differential, Huffman coding
  SOF0  = 0xc0, //Start Of Frame (Baseline DCT)
  SOF1  = 0xc1, //Start Of Frame (Extended sequential DCT)
  SOF2  = 0xc2, //Start Of Frame (Progressive DCT)
  SOF3  = 0xc3, //Start Of Frame (Lossless (sequential))
 //Start Of Frame markers, differential, Huffman coding
  SOF5  = 0xc5, //Start Of Frame (Differential sequential DCT)
  SOF6  = 0xc6, //Start Of Frame (Differential progressive DCT)
  SOF7  = 0xc7, //Start Of Frame (Differential lossless (sequential))
 //Start Of Frame markers, non-differential, arithmetic coding
  JPG  = 0xc8, //Start Of Frame (Reserved for JPEG extensions)
  SOF9  = 0xc9, //Start Of Frame (Extended sequential DCT)
  SOF10 = 0xca, //Start Of Frame (Progressive DCT)
  SOF11 = 0xcb, //Start Of Frame (Lossless (sequential))
 //Start Of Frame markers, differential, arithmetic coding
  SOF13 = 0xcd, //Start Of Frame (Differential sequential DCT)
  SOF14 = 0xce, //Start Of Frame (Differential progressive DCT)
  SOF15 = 0xcf, //Start Of Frame (Differential lossless (sequential))
 //Huffman table specification
  DHT   = 0xc4, //Define Huffman Table(s)
 //Arithmetic coding conditioning specification
  DAC   = 0xcc, //Define arithmetic coding conditioning(s)
 //Restart interval termination
  RST0  = 0xd0, /**///Restart with modulo 8 count "m"
  RST1  = 0xd1, /**/
  RST2  = 0xd2, /**/
  RST3  = 0xd3, /**/
  RST4  = 0xd4, /**/
  RST5  = 0xd5, /**/
  RST6  = 0xd6, /**/
  RST7  = 0xd7, /**/
 //Other markers
  SOI   = 0xd8, //Start Of Image
  EOI   = 0xd9, //End Of Image
  SOS   = 0xda, //Start Of Scan
  DQT   = 0xdb, //Define Quantization Table
  DNL   = 0xdc, //Define number of lines
  DRI   = 0xdd, //Define Restart Interval
  DHP   = 0xde, //Define hierarchical progression
  EXP   = 0xdf, //Expand reference component(s)
  APP0  = 0xe0, //JFIF APP0 segment marker
  APP1  = 0xe1, //Reserved for application segments
  APP2  = 0xe2, //
  APP3  = 0xe3, //
  APP4  = 0xe4, //
  APP5  = 0xe5, //
  APP6  = 0xe6, //
  APP7  = 0xe7, //
  APP8  = 0xe8, //
  APP9  = 0xe9, //
  APP10 = 0xea, //
  APP11 = 0xeb, //
  APP12 = 0xec, //
  APP13 = 0xed, //
  APP14 = 0xee, //
  APP15 = 0xef, //
  JPG0  = 0xf0, //Reserved for JPEG extensions
  JPG1  = 0xf1, //
  JPG2  = 0xf2, //
  JPG3  = 0xf3, //
  JPG4  = 0xf4, //
  JPG5  = 0xf5, //
  JPG6  = 0xf6, //
  JPG7  = 0xf7, //
  JPG8  = 0xf8, //
  JPG9  = 0xf9, //
  JPG10 = 0xfa, //
  JPG11 = 0xfb, //
  JPG12 = 0xfc, //
  JPG13 = 0xfd, //
  COM   = 0xfe,  //Comment, for details see below
 //Reserved markers
  TEM   = 0x01 /**///For temporary private use in arithmetic coding
 //0x02..0xBF //Reserved

type bit

TBit num+(1)
TBit2 num+(2)
TBit3 num+(3)
TBit4 num+(4)

TDQTPrec enum TBit4 (dqt8Bit=0,dqt16Bit=1)

TDQTFlags struc pas
  Prec: TDQTPrec
  N: TBit4 //Table number

TDHTFlags struc pas
  Rsrv: TBit3
  IsAC: TBit //1-AC,0-DC table
  N: TBit4 //Table number

TSamplingFactors struc pas
  Hor: TBit4
  Vert: TBit4

TScanTblNums struc pas
  DCTbl: TBit4
  ACTbl: TBit4

TApproxBitPositions struc pas
  Ah: TBit4 //Successive approximation bit position high
  Al: TBit4 //Successive approximation bit position low or point transform


TXYunits enum UI8 (
  aspectRatio=0, //no units, x/y-density specify the aspect ratio instead
  dotsPerInch=1, //x/y-density are dots/inch
  dotsPerCm=2  //x/y-density are dots/cm

TRGB struc pas
  R: Byte
  G: Byte
  B: Byte

TAPP0JFIF struc pas
  VerMaj: UI8 //major revision number, should be 1 (otherwise error)
  VerMin: UI8 //- minor revision number, should be 0..2
  XYunits: TXYunits //units for x/y densities
  xDensity: UI16 //x-density, should be <> 0
  yDensity: UI16 //y-density, should be <> 0
  thumbW: Byte //thumbnail width (1 byte)
  thumbH: Byte //thumbnail height (1 byte)
  thumb: array[@.thumbH]of array[@@.thumbW]of TRGB

TAPP0Rec struc pas
  Mrk: PChar
  D: case @.Mrk of

TComponId enum UI8 (Y=1, Cb=2, Cr=3, I=4, Q=5)

TComponInfo struc pas
  Id: TComponId //component id
  Sampling: TSamplingFactors //sampling factors (bit 0-3 vert., 4-7 hor.)
  TblNum: Byte //quantization table number

TSOFRec struc pas
  BitsPerSample: UI8 //data precision (1 byte) in bits/sample, 
        //usually 8 (12 and 16 not supported by most software)
  H: UI16 //image height (2 bytes, Hi-Lo), must be >0 if DNL not supported
  W: UI16 //image width (2 bytes, Hi-Lo), must be >0 if DNL not supported
  NCompon: Byte //number of components (1 byte), usually 
     //1 = grey scaled, 3 = color YCbCr	or YIQ, 4 = color CMYK)
  Compon: array[@.NCompon] of TComponInfo

TDefineQuantTableRec struc pas
  F: TDQTFlags //QT information (1 byte)
  Tbl: array[64]of (num(1+@@.F.Prec):displ=(INT(@))) //QT elements

TDefineHuffmanTableRec struc pas
  F: TDHTFlags //HT information (1 byte)
  LenCodes: array[16]of Byte //LenCodes[i]=number of Huffman codes of length i+1
  CodeVal: array[16]of struc pas
     V: array[@@@.LenCodes[@:#]]of Byte //the BYTE value associated to the j-th Huffman code of length k

TSOSComponInfo struc pas
  Id: TComponId //component id
  Tbls: TScanTblNums //Huffman table to use

TSOSRec struc pas
  nCompon: UI8 //number of components in scan (1 byte), 
     //must be >= 1 and <=4 (otherwise error), usually 1 or 3
  Compon: array[@.nCompon] of TSOSComponInfo
  Ss: UI8 //Start of spectral or predictor selection (select the predictor in lossless mode)
  Se: UI8 //End of spectral selection (ignored and =0 in lossless mode)
  A: TApproxBitPositions //Successive approximation bit positions

TSegData(Sz,Tag) case TSegTag @:Tag of
  APP0: TAPP0Rec
  DHT: array of TDefineHuffmanTableRec:[@:Size=@@:Sz] //(@:Sz)
  DQT: array of TDefineQuantTableRec:[@:Size=@@:Sz] //(@:Sz)
  COM: raw[@:Sz] //Comment
  DNL: UI8 //Specifies the number of lines in the frame (instead of SOF.H)
//else raw[@:Sz]

TSegment struc pas
  bFF: Byte
  Tag: TSegTag
  D: case @.Tag of
    DQT,DNL,DRI,DHP,EXP,APP0..APP15,JPG0..JPG13,COM: struc pas
      Sz: UI16
      D: TSegData(@.Sz-2,@@@.Tag)
      Rest: raw[]
ends: assert[@.bFF=0xFF,(@.Tag<>0xFF)and(@.Tag<>0),@.D.*:assert]

TFFVal struc pas
  bFF: Byte
  b00: Byte
ends: assert[@.bFF=0xFF,@.b00=0]

TChkSegment try
  Seg: TSegment
  FF: TFFVal
  X: byte

TJPEGStream array of TChkSegment?@.Seg.Tag=TSegTag.EOI exc 0;

0x0002 TJPEGStream Stm

Other specifications.

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